Oh Baby, The Luck of The Irish ūüćÄ

Hello Sweet Friends!

I know, I know I haven’t been up here as often as I promised, but let me reassure you the reason is VALID!

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My 900th Month of Pregnancy


Finally I made it to my 9th month of pregnancy! Although it feels more like my 900th month, I know that I’m very thankful and blessed to have made it this far with no real complications other than not being able to fit into my clothes anymore and having to resort to my husband’s side of the closet.
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Preparing Alex for Baby #2


A lot of changes have been happening in our household lately with a new baby on the way, and sometimes I have to remind myself that even though it’s a big change for us, it has to feel like an even bigger change for Alex. He is use to being the only child, and now he won’t be. He is use to having mommy’s undivided attention, but now mommy needs extra rest. A lot of things are different already, and the change will become even greater once the baby arrives. So I sat down and began to¬†call around and ask friends and family about different ways they prepared their¬†child/children for a new baby¬†and I came across some pretty good strategies which I put to use. Continue reading

CHORES for my 3 year old

Installing healthy habits into my son’s little mind is something that I live for! So of course I couldn’t wait until the time came to get him started with CHORES. Yes, CHORES a word hated all over the world by both adults and children, but also a very necessary word! Growing up in my early childhood days my mom did all the chores (because she is such a perfectionist, and wants everything a “certain way”), then when I hit my preteen years she started trying to make me do chores and it just didn’t go over well! Eventually once I grew up I understood all the values and things she was trying¬†to teach me, but I also knew that I was going to start giving my children chores early, so by the time they are preteens it will be something they are use to and I won’t have to argue¬†with my 12 year old over washing the dirty dishes everyday.

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My 21 Day Social Media Cleanse

Today is November 21, 2015 and ¬†this day marks my 21 day cleanse¬†I had started almost a month ago. ¬†The reason I wanted to start this cleanse was because one day I looked up from my phone and noticed exactly how much time I was wasting on social media reading the same things over and over again, then I saw one of my Facebook friends had went on a cleanse and it inspired me to do the same. I ¬†really didn’t feel productive and worst I felt I wasn’t being productive enough with my son. Boy was I right! They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and I think I may have finally broken my addictive social media behavior! Now I know for fact that I function 100% better without all that extra stuff in my life. Continue reading