Splurge or Save: Makeup Dupes💄

I love makeup! Always have and probably always will, but sometime’s a mama be on a budget. Especially around the holidays, because December is my son’s birth month and of course Christmas. Now with the holidays are a lot of holiday parties, extra hours at work, and plenty of family coming. I know the pressure of wanting to look your best. Well, With age comes wisdom, and that wisdom is the knowledge that cheap does not always indicate a product’s quality or lack thereof. Would you believe me if I told you a few of my favorite dupes that help me get through this hectic time of the year. You get the same high-end look for half the cost!

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4 Beauty Mistakes I See On The Daily

Hey I’m not a professional makeup artist or anything (I wish) but there are so many no no’s I see everyday from women everywhere, and I’m honestly pretty sure that I myself have fallen subjective to some of these bad trends, but you live and you learn. Today I am going to show you some of what I feel are the biggest beauty mistakes I see… Continue reading