Real Talk: I Been Going Through It!


Wow it’s really been a while since I posted up here¬†and I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long!

In all honesty I have been in a weird space lately, now I wouldn’t go as far as saying it’s postpartum depression, but I definitely have been in a little rut! I’m just super exhausted and unmotivated, which is why I haven’t been up here!

As a mom, I think sometimes we expect more out of ourselves! We expect to have this perfect, wonderful family who doesn’t make mistakes, to be someone who works out twice a day, whose house is clean 100% of the time, someone who is perfect at couponing and meal prepping, who still wants to look in the mirror and see a tiny glimpse of the old version of herself!

You know?

The person you were before you had kids!

Well, that’s what I was going through, I would be lying if I said I bounced back to myself with my second child as quickly as I did with my first, but I’m doing it! It took for my husband and my subconscious to remind me that I am a good mother and Wife! And at the end of the day that is ALL that matters!

That woman I once was has nothing on the woman who I am Today!

So as of lately I have been on project Get Your LIFE!


But what have we been up to?

We went on Family Vacation and a Couples Baecation to Florida!

We go to Florida multiple times a year to visit family and every time we go we have such an amazing time! It’s so much to do there!

Alexander officially started Pre-School 

Wow I cannot believe that I have a pre-schooler! These 4 1/2 years have been amazing and I am so proud of him. He has been in school for about 3 1/2 months and is already learning so much!


Ear Infection Struggle

Liam had been struggling with an ongoing Ear Infection for almost a month! It was horrible! I thought he would possibly have to get tubes put into his ears, but thank God we got it under control. Does anybody have a child with tubes?


We went to the Pumpkin Patch

This has been a yearly Family tradition for us ever since Alex was born! I look forward to doing this every year with my sweet boys.

Liam Turned One

I still cannot believe how fast this first year went by! Our life and our hearts have been opened up so much more since this sweet baby has arrived! His personality is the exact opposite of his brother. Right now he is at that stage were he is becoming so independent. Here’s a little more about what he is into…


Testing Boundaries

Teething & Biting (6 Teeth)

Favorite Shows: Daniel Tiger, Sesame Street, and Curious George

Favorite Toy: Vtech Dump Truck & Whatever anyone else has

Favorite Game: Hide & Seek

Favorite Food/Fruit: Strawberries, Rice, and Broccoli

Says : Mama, Dada, Stop, Tata

Waves Bye-Bye


Halloween is always so fun for the family, this year was the first year that all 4 of us went trick or treating. Liam was Baby Batman and Alex was Robin. They got so much candy which my husband and I have been enjoying!

And that’s about it! You guys are all caught up with us, I will try to do my part and get back to what I love! Blogging.


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