My 900th Month of Pregnancy


Finally I made it to my 9th month of pregnancy! Although it feels more like my 900th month, I know that I’m very thankful and blessed to have made it this far with no real complications other than not being able to fit into my clothes anymore and having to resort to my husband’s side of the closet.

As I sit back and reflect on this pregnancy all I can think is how much I can’t imagine having to go through this again!

I mean seriously it’s been a rough ride from the beginning! I was thinking that for some reason this experience would be a piece of cake, especially after how easily I breezed through my first pregnancy with hardly no symptoms at all.


I basically knew that I was pregnant a week after I missed my period. The first obvious sign was “the missed period” the next sign was my breast! They felt bigger and heavier and painful. I happened to have an old pregnancy test in the house and decided to take it! I was shocked to see a positive sign and needed reassurance right away! I immediately ran to my local CVS and brought the most expensive digital pregnancy test I could find, came back home drunk a ton of water and my husband and I patiently waited 3 minutes for the results.


My Husband and I looked at each other with excitement mixed with a tiny splash of “OH SHIT,” but overall we were happy. It was something we both wanted but didn’t expect to happen possibly for another year.

Welp! I don’t know if it was me mentally knowing but I was literally glued over the toilet by the following week and that’s exactly where I stayed until about week 16. This pregnancy did not cut me any slack! I had severe everything heartburn, nausea, fatigue, Moodiness, etc.

But then there was a small window during my second trimester where everything was perfect! I ate a lot, my heartburn had slowed down, my energy picked up and I had finally began feeling the baby’s movements. My Husband and I were even able to enjoy a nice Baecation together before things got rough again.

Towards the end of the second trimester, heading to the third trimester things changed again! My energy level dropped and the baby began giving me a lot of Braxton Hicks! I didn’t have these at all with my first son so it caught me off guard, but it was something my doctor reassured me over and over was normal , and its something I’m still dealing with now every single day! But with a little over 2 weeks left I’m just trying to ignore it, stay fabulous, and enjoy these last moments as a family of 3 with my husband and my son.

Although this has been such a LONG,and difficult pregnancy, I am so happy and thankful everyday that we are able to be blessed with another child and I will continue to pray for that little girl! 😂😂😂



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