5 Most Annoying Characters on my son’s TV!


Kids go through the stage when they love certain show’s then they hate them all the time, and through my 3 years of parenthood I have seen a few characters come across my television screen that I absolutely cannot deal with! You know, those annoying cartoon characters that your child just happens to be obsessed with even though they can drive you to drink! Well, today I though it would be a good idea to expose some of those little bastards just for my own enjoyment! So let’s get started:

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig bugs my husband so bad. He say’s the reasons he hates her are because she has a smart mouth, she stamps her feet & pokes out her tounge when she dosent get her way (which my son now mimicks), is constantly moody with her friends and family and she doesnt know when to keep her mouth closed, or when to stay in a child’s place.

He constantly ask me: What is this show teaching our son? Hmmm… Maybe, this popular little brat is leading children all across america astray!

He basically thinks that she would be better off as Bacon!

P.S. stop making my child think its okay to jump in muddy puddles every time it rains! We got shit to do and im tired of having to clean his shoes, socks and pants legs. IMG_1273

Chilly the Snowman: Doc Mcstuffins

OMG! Chilly needs to chill! This snowman is so freaking annoying! All he does is live in constant paranoia about everything. Every time I look up at the TV he is freaking out, half of the show is the other characters attempting to calm him down about something and usually they have to sing him a song or give him a cuddle. UGH!! IMG_1274

Brobee: Yo Gabba Gabba

I seriously CANNOT stand this moody ass character!

One minute he is happy smiling, and singing. The next minute he is miserable, sobbing, and waving those ridiculously long stupid floppy ass arms around!

This character is so depressing that I don’t think he should even be on a children’s television show. IMG_1275

The Map: Dora the Explorer

Firstly, lets just address the elephant in the room! His Voice!

Why does his voice have to be so creepy? My husband says he sounds like someone who is going to snatch up your kids.

Every time I hear him sing “I’m the map” I think I die a little bit inside! We know that you’re the map! Why do you have to torture us by telling us an additional 20 more times! IMG_1276


YO! I swear on every thing that I hate this character most of all! This spoiled, whiny little shit 💩 does not need to be on a child’s tv.

What is he teaching them?

Nothing at all, but how to act the fuck up when you don’t get what you want! I don’t even turn to his channel anymore! I told my son that the show is never coming on again! This kid is such a brat that every thing about him, every thing concerning him from his little stupid voice to his bald head instantly annoys me… OKAY RANT OVER!


So Parent’s tell me… which of your children’s show’s drives you bananas?


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