20 Things to do Before baby is Born!

As I sit here 25 weeks pregnant with nothing really done, I realize that I need to start-up a list of things that should to be done before baby #2 arrives. When I was pregnant with my first son I was totally unprepared all they way around, and I was also a first time mother so I didn’t know what to expect, but now I feel more seasoned in motherhood. I know how hectic things can be before and once baby arrives, and I refused to be unprepared this time around. IMG_1272

So being the blogger that I am, 2 things that I naturally specialize in are lists and research. These things were vital to helping me come up with a well-organized plan to execute. I placed the list in order starting with what I believed is most important in my opinion down to what’s least important so I could scratch the completed things off my list as I go… So let’s get started:

  1. Pre-Register at your hospital. Pre-Registering is a way to guarantee that your name, insurance and practitioner info are ready and waiting for you once you arrive, because let me tell you from first hand experience that nothing is worst than having to fill out paperwork while your mid-contraction! You will be ready to kill somebody!
  2. Have Pediatrician picked out prior to baby’s birth. Having a pedestrian picked out prior to your child’s birth is nice because you can schedule the first appointment immediately after you get home from the hospital. I remember after I had my first son, the nurse came in asking about his pediatrician’s information. I sat there like a deer seeing headlights as I realized that I had nothing! The nurse gave me a list of offices, but my anxiety rose even more as my “mommy mode” kicked in and I knew I didn’t have time to really research the places on the list. Worst feeling I’m telling you do your research, pick a place, and go do a meet and greet at the office before the baby arrives.
  3. Check to see if your insurance cover’s a breast pump. If you are deciding to breastfeed your baby a breast pump will be your best friend on those days and nights when your breast are rock hard and engorged. I’m so glad I know that some insurances cover breast pumps and it’s nice to know if you can save $300.
  4. Make your Birth Plan. Having a planned out birth plan is great to have during delivery, I believe it will help the hospital be aware of things you want but might not be able to express while having those painful ass contractions, such as immediate breastfeeding after birth or who you want inside of the delivery room. Of course things don’t always go according to plan during labor and delivery but its better to be prepared than unprepared.
  5. Do a run through of the hospital. Your run through of the hospital will determine a lot of things that will save you time and energy during labor such as approximately how long it takes to get from your home to the hospital, which entrance to take for the maternity ward, and where to park. You don’t want to waste any unnecessary time once you’re in labor. Let’s just make it as smooth of a day as possible.
  6. Go on a baecation. Once the new baby arrives you are most likely going to be spending more time at home and won’t have as much extra time to go out with your hunni, especially if you live in a state away from family like we do. I think it is so important to go out and enjoy yourself some place relaxing. My husband and I just returned from our Vacation in Florida. We stayed at “The Gaylord Palms Resort” and spent some much-needed time alone. I felt so refreshed once we returned home. Pregnancy can be a lot on a person and sometimes a lot on a relationship. It just felt so good to get away… We have 2 smaller trips coming up in August but these will include the whole family.   IMG_1219
  7. Setup baby’s Nursery. One of the exciting things about your pregnancy is prepping your little ones room! Yeaaa, a nesting mama’s dream. I cannot wait to start on my baby boys room, we finally have all the furniture now I just have to decide on a theme and organize all his things.
  8. Take Maternity Photos. I never got maternity photos done with my first son and I recall thinking back wishing that I had recorded that memory of my first pregnancy, but this time around I will have some photos done even if I have to take the myself (hopefully not). It’s a good memory to have and I would love to place a few in baby #2 room.
  9. Install Baby’s Car seat. I think it’s really important to have the car seat installed before baby arrives, just in case baby makes an early debut you won’t have to worry about forgetting it at home, plus it will also give you time to go to a professional and check that you have everything properly installed.
  10. Attend Classes at your Hospital. Most hospitals offer free baby classes for expectant parents, and I would highly recommend checking in with your hospital to see what they offer. If your already a seasoned parent it won’t hurt to touch of on a couple of things…For me it Swaddling. I sucked at it the first time around but I’m hopeful that I will master it this time.
  11. Pack Hospital Bags. The sooner the better since you never know when baby going to arrive. This time around I will have bags packed for myself, hubby, baby, and a bag of toys and snacks for big brother for when he visits. I think having the bags packed earlier will give you that extra piece of mind and it’s exciting. Click here to see what to pack in your hospital bag.CollageIt
  12. Buy super long Maxi Pads. Moms if you have given birth before you will know exactly why you need these. The hospital will provide you with some weird uncomfortable ones so I suggest just buying your own to have waiting for you at the house. I also suggest buying some undies you don’t care about to wear along with those maxi pads.
  13. Have a special notebook and folder for all those hospital papers. Once you have been admitted to the hospital you will begin to receive a boatload of papers from the hospital about all kinds of things. It’s nice to have a folder to place all those papers into instead of stuffing everything into your purse or overnight bag. It’s also nice to have a notebook or  small notepad to jot down things to do so you don’t forget once you get home.
  14. Get Your Carpets/Rugs Cleaned. I saw this on another blog and I thought it was an awesome idea! Of course I want to clean all the carpets and rugs in the house, especially when a new baby is going to be down there doing tummy time and all other kinds of things. I want the house spotless once baby arrives.
  15. Make Freezer Meals. Once your newborn arrives cooking will be the last thing on your mind, it will be so much more convenient to have freezer meals already made and ready to heat up. You can find different freezer meals to make from Pinterest.
  16. Lookup newborn Photographer’s or Do it yourself and look up baby poses. Nothing is more precious than seeing pictures of your newborn It doesn’t matter if you do them yourself or hire a professional, you will always cherish those pictures. If you decide to do them yourself try to look up some cute poses for inspiration and then print them in any size you desire.
  17. Pick a Birth Announcement. If you live far away from family birth announcements are the perfect way to let everyone know that your bundle has arrived. For my immediate family I think printed and mailed announcements are great and for everyone else maybe an email or social media announcement is great. Whatever works for you and your family (Don’t forget to gather all of your address beforehand).
  18. Invest in a nursing Bra. Those things come in handy during those late nights feeding or feedings in general. I would recommend buying at least two. Of course you could wait to buy these after baby is born but it’s going to be pretty convenient while you are at the hospital.
  19. Buy a few loose-fitting outfits to wear after birth. Sometimes baby weight does not fall off right away unless your pretty fit and active, which I’m not, but i do know first hand that it will fall off eventually. While you are waiting it will be nice to have a few cute loose-fitting outfits to wear out until your back to you old self. It helps you still feel cute even though nothing quite fits yet, and if your pre pregnancy stuff does fit right away good for you.
  20. Do your Hair, Paint your nails, and Have those Eyebrows in good shape for those annoying after birth pictures ( Don’t forget your Lips). I know this sounds so silly to some people and I debated adding it to my list until I looked back at my hospital pictures with my first son and saw so many things wrong! Chipped finger nails, Unshaped Brows, Dry lips! UGHHH! It’s not pictures you want to show anyone. Now I’m not saying go put on a full face of makeup just make sure those specific things look good. Please just take my advice and thank me later.

Most importantly Get excited! Baby is on his/her way, and although it may seem like time is dragging just relax and take every moment in because every pregnancy is different but at the end when you’re  holding you baby it’s all with it.



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