Hello, Baby Bump!

I’m so excited to announce that my husband and I are expecting another baby boy this fall. If you have already been following my blog then you will know that this will be Baby #2 for us. Although the road so far has been rough I would not trade these “struggle days” for the world.


My first trimester was very difficult. On top of me losing weight from my morning sickness, I also had a hard time keeping food down due to my severe food aversions. I dealt with frequent heartburn, I hated the way everything smelt, and on top of that I’ve felt like my “Bitch Switch” had been turned up from 3 to 10. So long story short most of my days were spent laying in the bed nauseous, tired, irritated, and exhausted.

My Worst Days Of Motherhood! 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love my son, and how much I love doing things with my son. Being so sick during the 1st trimester I believe was very confusing to him. He went from mommy being a daily playmate to mommy just being sick and irritated about everything. I tried my hardest to make it better by taking him to the movies and trying to do little things with him, but I just knew that I didn’t have the energy or patience to run down behind him like I normally do, so my husband picked up my slack and I remember feeling like these were my worst days in motherhood that I’ve had so far. Finally I decided it was time to sit my baby boy down and explain to him that mommy was sick and needed to get a lot of rest for the new baby in my belly. Eventually I sent him to stay with his nana in FL for 2 weeks while I recovered, and once he returned I was feeling a lot better.

My Son’s Reaction

When my son found out he was going to be a big brother and new baby would be coming to live with us soon he was so excited. I remember him telling us how he was going to share all his toys with the new baby…

“Wow Really? You never share!”

Then he told us how he would rock the baby to sleep and help feed it…

“Aww you are so sweet!”

Then, he proceeded to explain to us that if the baby doesn’t listen and follow the rules that it would be his job to put it in the corner and the cage if needed (Clearly, he thinks his sibling is a dog 😳🐶👶🏾😂).

“Wayment! What? No, that’s only mommy and daddy’s job. Your job is to make sure you always set a good example for the baby, because the baby is always going to look up to you.”

He then said: “Okay, Okay” and proceeds to blow raspberries on my belly. Boy, do I love that kid, He is Hilarious! 😂

How I’m feeling now


Yea I’m half way done! 22 weeks to be exact.

I have dealt with Morning sickness starting from week 5 and everyday up until week 16, and  I can honestly say that I was exhausted, but now in my second trimester things have finally changed. The nausea that took over 11 weeks of my life has subsided! Now the only issues that I am dealing with are things that are expected with a growing human invading your body. Heartburn, Indigestion, and Constipation are struggles I still deal with, but have learned to control in my own special ways. Backache’s and Pressure are what really are giving me the most issues at this point, but it all comes with pregnancy and honestly I’m just so grateful not to be sick anymore. One thing I am grateful for now is to have my appetite back, and boy did it come back with a FURY! I’m always hungry, and I’m always eating. Weirdly my most favorite thing to eat right now are “Collard Greens” 😂. Trust me when I say I could eat those all day! Luckily through all the pigging out I’ve managed to somehow still maintain my pre pregnancy weight. That is the only similar thing between these two pregnancies.

This baby boy has been kicking my butt throughout this whole pregnancy and although I was hoping for a girl I think that a boy will fit in perfectly with our wild, rough, dirty cars & trucks family. I never thought that I would be a mother to 2 boys, but I’m a seasoned parent now and I’m ready for everything that comes along with having them.

Bring it on Boyz, Bring it on!!






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