Fashionista Friday Week 6

Hey guys, so happy to be back to finally give you all another installment of my fashionista Friday picks… Lately I have been trying to think of new things to bring to this segment and I have now decided that at the end of my picks I’m going to start doing a spotlight on whatever fashionista mama has caught my eye for the week. So let’s get started:

Winter Pastels

Pastel colors are totally in for the fall and winter seasons this year, looking positively fabulous in their softer, more muted hues that really bring out the definition of winter.


How to Wear the Monochrome Trend - Kendall and Kylie Jenner
Monochromatic in fashion terms is wearing an outfit composed of only one color; it can be of the same shade or different shades, the idea is to keep the shades in the same hue. It can be bright colors, dark colors, it can even be nude colors. It all depends on what color you choose to go with. There are no limitations. When done correctly a monochromatic outfit can look both stylish and fashion-forward.

Wrap Skirts

I love a good wrap skirt. It can easily take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary!

Faux Fur

Every year I get just a little braver with rocking my faux fur looks. It’s so easy to dress up. My first year I would always wear it with an all black outfit before I was brave enough to bring other colors and patterns to the mix. This is definitely a head turner.

Fashionista Mama Spotlight!!!

This weeks Fashionista Mama Spotlight goes to one of my favorite fashion bloggers and beautiful mommy, Mrs. Jade Scott. She always wears her outfits with such confidence and grace, even with a little one running around the house. Keep up the good work mama, and congrats on your new bundle of joy. (You make the pregnancy look so good! Yass)… Stay Fabulous


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