10 Things You Need to know About Toddlers!

This is a followup to my previous post 10 Things Your Mama Didn’t Tell You About Motherhood. Every year as your child grows older things change. Sometimes it gets easier and sometimes things get more tricky.  I thought I had finally had the hang of motherhood until my son hit the toddler stage and once again turned my world upside down. So for any new mother’s out there here are 10 things you need to know about toddlers! IMG_0518

  1. Toddlers are Bossy! – My son seriously thinks he run’s the house (He kind of does) He always bosses me around telling me things like: “mama you fix me a snack?”,”mama, you buy me this toy”,”mama we play hide & seek, you count.”, “be quiet mama.” ,”mama get me this, mama get me that”, “mama do this, mama do that.” It’s seriously exhausting listening to his demands all day! IMG_0135
  2. Toddlers are Sneaky – I cannot tell you how many times I have caught this fool child doing something he KNOWS he is not allowed to do, but the reality is that toddlers are going to try to test their limits. If they are curious enough about something they are going to find a way to investigate whether you like it or not. No matter how much I hover over him he still manages to get into things.
  3. Toddlers think everything belongs to them – Case in point, A while ago I took my son to the doctors for a checkup, now everyone knows most pediatric offices have toy and things in the waiting room to keep the kiddies occupied. Well, as soon as we walked into the waiting room there was another child around my son’s age playing with a Fisher Price airplane, this for some reason really pissed my son off! He walked over to the little boy and proceeded to snatch the plane out his hand and when the boy resisted he screamed at him to the top of his lungs until the boy finally let him have it! I looked over at the boys parents, embarrassed and immediately corrected the situation, but I could tell that my son seriously thought that was his toy (I don’t know why). He learned a valuable lesson that day.
  4. Toddlers are dirty – Thankfully my son hates getting dirty, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. One minute I’ll have a fully clean, fully dressed child and 10 minutes later It’s a stain on his shirt or jeans! HOW! I don’t know but he finds a way! IMG_0282_2
  5. It so hard just leaving the house – This one right here is nothing but the truth! Once upon a time I was a punctual person who always arrived on time to things. Well, that’s not me anymore! OMG the struggle is real trying to get out of the house with a toddler. You have to get them dressed, and try to keep them clean before you walk out the door (My remedy to that is now I get him dressed last, right before we leave out the house), you have to make a bag for them with extra underwear in case of an accident, and an extra pair of jeans, and toys of course (My son feels the need to pack his toys everywhere we go), you also have to take them to the potty, give them a snack, Get them to hold still so you can put their shoes on UGH!!!
  6. Toddlers talk ALOT – Omg now I understand when people would laugh at me because I was so in a rush for him to talk, but now that he is talking I can’t get him quiet! It starts 7 in the morning and does not end until his bedtime. They have an opinion about everything and feel the need to speak about everything. It does have their advantages though. Now he can tell me if he is hurt, mad, sad, and excited about things, and he definitely makes sure he lets me know everything. IMG_0143
  7. Toddlers have no filter – My sister told me a funny story about her daughter. One day they were in the store and they saw a lady in a wheelchair, My curious niece then proceeded to ask the lady where she was going! Another example is One day I was at the store with my son and we saw a dude with a lot of piercings all over his face and big holes in his ears. I noticed my son staring hard at this fellow and told him not to stare because it was rude, then out of nowhere he pointed to the gentleman and said to the top of his lungs “EWWW, LOOK MAMA! LOOK AT HIS FACE MAMA! HE GOT BIG HOLE IN HIS EAR MAMA!😧 Everyone in the line looked at the dude, some people chuckled, some people acted as they did not hear it. The dude just smiled at my son. Toddlers= No Filter!
  8. Toddlers climb, jump and flip off everything – Maybe they are just excited about their new-found mobility but everyday my son is constantly flipping or jumping  off the couch, giving me mini heart attacks. I’m thinking he will excel in something like gymnastics where he can do all of those things plus burn energy in a safer environment.
  9. Toddlers Have the biggest imaginations – Sometimes I just sit back and watch my son go through a massive playtime in his room! His imagination is so big, The little scenarios he comes up with in his head is so cute to me, and as a parent I make sure I help feed his imagination by joining in on the fun with him. He loves hiding under the covers or a fort with a flashlight (usually from my phone) and pretending we are campers hiding from the big grizzly bear (daddy) or the big bad wolf (Sassy the dog). IMG_0288_2
  10. Toddlers love there parents – Ever wonder what unconditional loves looks like? Just look at a child and a parent. The love my son and I have for each other is something that I can barely put in words. It’s the most genuine love you will ever find. My son does a lot of things that run my pressure up, but I love him so much and wouldn’t trade him for any other child, because I know he was made especially for me. Kids may not be able to express their love for you like you can for them but it’s the little things they do that make you know: Random hugs & kisses, saying I love you, apologizing for being naughty, holding your hand, comforting you when your sad, etc. Motherhood changes as you child grows but the love between you should always remain untouchable.


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