My 21 Day Social Media Cleanse

Today is November 21, 2015 and ¬†this day marks my 21 day cleanse¬†I had started almost a month ago. ¬†The reason I wanted to start this cleanse was because one day I looked up from my phone and noticed exactly how much time I was wasting on social media reading the same things over and over again, then I saw one of my Facebook friends had went on a cleanse and it inspired me to do the same. I ¬†really didn’t feel productive and worst I felt I wasn’t being productive enough with my son. Boy was I right! They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and I think I may have finally broken my addictive social media behavior! Now I know for fact that I function 100% better without all that extra stuff in my life.

(I did however stay on social media only regarding my blogs, FB and Twitter but not my personal accounts)

So what’s changed in 21 days?

The biggest change I’ve made in those 21 days was that I started working not one but two jobs! Which is crazy to me that I had that much extra time on my hand that I was able to apply, interview and be accepted to 2 new jobs in my first 7 days of the cleanse. Next big thing is that I read 2 books. Last time I think I read a full book was in high school! It felt so good to stimulate my mind in a positive way. I did so many other things too! I purged and re-organized my cluttered closet, my house stayed cleaner and more organized, I took vocal lessons, I procrastinated less (Which is a big deal because I am the biggest procrastinator), I finished Christmas shopping early, and through it all I still managed to spend so much time and pay so much more attention to my family.

Long story short. I GOT MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

This 21 days not only cleanse my social media but I felt like it cleansed my life.

No Honestly it really did!

Although I do plan on returning back to social media, I am definitely going to begin to use it less frequently.

Overall This cleanse was a great idea and I hope this inspires someone who is reading this to do a cleanse, because you really never realize how much of your time social media takes up until you drop it!




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