Thing’s That Make My Toddler Lose His Sh#t!!!


Would you believe me if I told you that right now I am locked away inside our office hiding while my 2-year-old is running around the house in his “spider man undies” screaming my name to the top of his lungs, crying about a broken flute. Well its true, even mama’s need a break from the little ones every once in a while. So we don’t end up knocking them out! So I thought it would be cool to type all the reasons my son throw’s tantrum’s on the daily just to give myself a little laugh… So everyone bare with me… 

The following are (in his head) valid reasons for throwing tantrums… aka Losing His Sh#t!

  • He want’s a snack.
  • He want’s to go outside.
  • He want’s to play hide & seek.
  • He doesn’t want to take a bath.
  • He want’s to take a bath.
  • He doesn’t want to get out of the bathtub.
  • He does not want to eat dinner
  • He is hungry.
  • He does not want to share his toys.
  • Somebody won’t share their toys with him.
  • He see’s a bug.
  • The dog took something he wants.
  • He dropped something.
  • He wants to brush his teeth.
  • He doesn’t want to brush his teeth.
  • His show went off of the tv.
  • He doesn’t want to share mommy’s kisses with daddy or the dog.
  • He doesn’t like mommy and daddy singing or dancing to any of his songs.
  • Mommy didn’t buy him a toy while she was out running errands.
  • His iPad went dead.
  • He fell down.
  • He does not want to talk on the phone.
  • He had an accident in his underpants.
  • He want’s to go to the library.
  • He want’s to go to work with mommy.
  • He want’s to hit the dog but mommy said no.
  • He is mad.
  • He want’s to wear his Paw Patrol costume to church.
  • He want’s to flush the potty.
  • He only want’s to eat cereal for breakfast everyday.
  • He broke something.
  • He does not want to clean his room.
  • He does not want to go to bed.

Welp looks like my break is over! That was fun. Seriously I know the tantrum’s are just with age so I never take it personal I just attempt to keep him calm and make him use his words. He still has his days when throwing tantrums is necessary, but he is 2 and that’s just what they do.


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