Pumpkin Patch 2k15

Every year since “little man” was born we have started going to the pumpkin patch, and up until that point I had never even been to one, so this was definitely a yearly tradition my family and I started. Usually we went to one specific pumpkin patch in Virginia that was perfect, but now since we’ve move to Georgia we had to find another one. We ended up stumbling across a little farm in Carrollton GA that was the absolute cutest thing ever. Old Mcdermitt’s Farm had so much to offer.

For the first time ever my family and I got completely LOST in a 4 acre corn maze!! It was awesome until we really could not get out. Lucky a worker came along and rescued us. The whole time “little man” wanted to lead the way.

corn maze        IMG_0240

So many cute little farm animals! and for $1 we got to feed them carrots. “Little man” specifically befriended a little donkey (In his head, the donkey just wanted food). They also had a few chickens, peacocks, and a farm dog roaming around the farm for people to greet and interact with.

IMG_0197           IMG_0202

Hay rides, Milking the wooden cow, A corn box (similar to a sandbox), riding small John Deere tractor’s, Scarecrow dress up station and so much more. This farm was so interactive and I know “little man” will remember this place for a long time.

IMG_0265_2_Fotor_Collage IMG_0267_2

The Pumpkin patch was so cute! I love how they had little stations for parents to get awesome pictures.


I can’t wait to bring my family back here next year. I loved the fact that it was a real farm, and not just a pop-up pumpkin patch. The whole experience was great, My son won’t stop talking about how much fun he had.


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