Am I An Animal Bully? 👶🏾🐺

Everybody pray for me! I am dealing with a miniature bully!


We got our first family dog “Sassy” for “little man’s” first birthday and now almost 2 years later they are the best of friends, but every once in a while I see my son hitting the poor dog… Ugh let me stop lying I see him hitting or pinching her EVERYDAY!!! We have done everything to stop it, here’s how our conversation with our son usually goes…

Little Man: Hits/Pinches dog

Mom/Dad: “No Alex, we do not hit the dog!” (firm voice) “Gentle”

Little Man: frowns 

Mom/Dad: “How do you think that makes Sassy feel when you hit her? I think that makes her feel real Sad.”

Little Man:  “Aww, I’m sorry I hit you Sassy. Don’t be sad” (Hugs Dog)

Mom/Dad:  Walk away feeling satisfiedd

15 Minutes Later, hit’s the dog again

BRUH!!!😤 Why? I just don’t understand. Yea sometimes the dog may steal his rubber ducky and stuffed animals for her own chewable enjoyment, (I secretly think that’s her payback lol) but she does not deserve this! and thank God she is a strong dog because I’m 100% positive a small dog would not be able to deal with my son. A while ago we taught “little man” the word “gentle” by taking his hand and showing him how to pet the dog. So whenever he would get excited and grab a chunk of hair, I would make him let go and say, “No! you have to be gentle, gentle. What are reason’s you guys think kid’s may continuously hit animals???

Number one reason is simply just because of their age. “Professional’s” say that a child around my son’s age (2) or younger has zero impulse control.

But to me It doesn’t matter if the child “doesn’t know better” or if they have “zero impulse control”. YOU have to BE their impulse control until they can do it for themselves. You wouldn’t let your kid break a glass or touch fire because he “doesn’t know better”, would you? Well, animals can also be dangerous and must be respected.

Bottom line, you have to get physically involved, just like if he/she was hurting a person.  So If your child pull’s hair or ears, actually take his/her hands firmly and tell him no , and show them how to be “gentle“, but If your child insists on chasing the dog, PICK HIM/HER UP and remove him, put him in time out if you have to. Yes, of course they will cry and put up a fuss about it but it is very necessary. As they get more mature it should get easier, I hope!

This is how I feel about the situation but I would love to hear some feedback!!!

How do you deal with your toddler or child hitting on the family pet???


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