4 Beauty Mistakes I See On The Daily

Hey I’m not a professional makeup artist or anything (I wish) but there are so many no no’s I see everyday from women everywhere, and I’m honestly pretty sure that I myself have fallen subjective to some of these bad trends, but you live and you learn. Today I am going to show you some of what I feel are the biggest beauty mistakes I see…

  1. Wrong Foundation Shade –  Foundation is supposed to even out your skin tones, not cover everything up. If it looks like a mask, you have put on way too much. Wash it off and start again. When you apply foundation, be sure to apply a little to the neck area as well. There is nothing more noticeable than one color for your face and another for your neck. Here’s a little hack I learned…..Click here for more foundation hacks.
  2. Lip liner – Okay who the hell started this trend of wearing black lip liner!!! Omg I cringe when I see this fail. If you are still wearing your lip liner this way please stop, have a seat, and reevaluate everything!! lol just kidding, but seriously your lip liner should be close to the color of your lipstick, Or at least compliment your lipstick like the picture down below.
  3. Filling In Brow’s –  Look ladies I know the struggle of trying to learn how to fill in your brows, But there are two common mistakes that I see all the time. #1 I see a lot of black shaded eyebrows #2 I see a lot of over shaded eyebrows. If you have dark brows that you should always fill them in with a dark brown instead of black! Black brows come off so harsh to me. as far as filling in your brows, so many people use different methods to how they fill in their brows. This is my favorite method…
  4.  Contour & Highlight –  I love a good contour and highlight just like the next woman, but ladies just make sure you are contouring & highlighting to fit the shape of your face… Just because that one girl you watch on you tube does her’s one way does not mean its going to look the same for you… first check the shape of your face and see which C&H will compliment you best, and don’t go to crazy with it, keep it natural looking. 

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