Pregnancy Tools: What to pack in your Hospital Bag!!


When I went into labor with my son almost 3 years ago, I thought I had it all together. That was until I actually arrived at the hospital and realized that I had completed my first “Parent Fail” and that was because I had completely over packed my hospital bag. I was initially on the right track, but somewhere along the way I got lost with my pre-mommy brain. I think I panicked and packed everything I thought I would need right away just so everything would be perfect. Those 2 nights my tiny hospital room was full of a bunch of unnecessary junk. So today reminiscing about that time in the hospital inspired me to write this post! So hopefully another 1st time mother will read this and find their way.

So first things first, Call the hospital that you will be delivering your baby at and ask them what they provide for babies and mothers during your stay and cross those items off your list.

Next have 2 separate bags packed, (one for you and one for baby) so you don’t make a mess in the room trying to find you or the baby’s things all inside one bag!!! TRUST ME put the bag into your car or closet by 35 weeks.

Now I am going to separate these list into groups. One list for mommy, for baby, and a list of what to leave at home!!!

For Mommy

  • Breast Pump, If you plan to use one & just in case your baby doesn’t latch right away you will be able to pump into a bottle.
  • Comfortable Stylish robe & Pajamas
  • Lip Balm (Hospital’s tend to be dry)
  • Phone, Ipad/Tablet, Books/Magazine
  • Insurance Info, Hospital Forms, Birth Plan
  • Maternity Bra with no under wire that has nursing pads, for support and leak protection
  • Toiletries for mom & Dad… (Makeup in a small pouch, deodorant, Toothpaste/ Toothbrush, Lotion, Hair products,) There is most likely going to be someone coming into your room to take pictures of you and your newborn, so make sure you bring this stuff so you can be looking refreshed instead of exhausted.
  • Slippers (For them cold ass hospital floors)
  • Chargers for Phone, Ipads/Tablets, Cameras
  • Camera!!!! You do not want to miss the memories of this time.
  • $$$ Money for the Vending Machines. ( you’re going to be hungry after you deliver your baby and depending on the time the cafeteria may not be open)
  • Maternity Underwear. (do not try bringing your normal underwear. You need some big granny panties lol)
  • Non Perishable snacks for after labor… (crackers, chips, Almonds, etc.)
  • Going Home Outfit ( maxi dress or birthing wrap will look very stylish and cute and also will be very comfortable)
  • Decent Top for Pictures ( does not have to be dressy but just make sure it’s not raggedy)
  • Towels ( the hospitals towels are usually thin and small)
  • A spare outfit for dad as well

For Baby

  • Coming Home Outfit ( make sure it’s seasonally appropriate outdoor gear)
  • Outfit for pictures (optional) (if you want, but they can also get beautiful pictures of the baby just wearing diapers.)
  • Approved Car Seat
  • Warm blanket for car ride home
  • One or Two Bottles
  • 2 Baby Suits (onesies)

Leave Home

  • Diapers ( hospital usually starts you off with a pack)
  • Any clothes or night ware you like (unless you want them to get messed up)
  • Stopwatch (you don’t need it once you get to the hospital)
  • Pads or tampons (trust me your little pads are not going to be enough!! The hospital will provide you with the heavy-duty!!)



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