The Late Night Wake-up

late night wakeup

Every parent has been through this before, if not you will. It’s the late night wake-up’s. Ugh they can be so draining and frustrating, but its a part of parenthood. Last Night “little man” woke me up FOUR TIMES!!! The 1st time his nighttime pull-up had leaked through. The 2nd and 3rd time he was scared. The 4th time he had to go to the potty. After that I just ended up laying him at the foot of our bed because I was so over getting up. This morning I woke up annoyed at my husband for sleeping through the whole thing. Now I’m just finding myself in a cranky mood trying to figure out what I can do to prevent this from happening again!



Being a parent, especially a parent to a toddler made me realize that everyday life will be unpredictable, right now he is going through a night-time disruption phase but this soon will pass, I just have to act accordingly to whatever situation comes my way… So what are things that wake children up throughout the night and how can we work on them….

  1. Bed Wetting – Although my son is completely potty trained, he is not night-time trained 😴… He sleeps with his cup of water next to his bed, so this may definitely be one of the underlying issues. I’m thinking that I should start implementing a no drinks 2 hours before bedtime rule… and of course using the potty before bedtime. Hopefully this works I will keep everyone posted. I have also read about a bed wetting alarm, I’ll try that if I get desperate.
  2. Nightmares  – Last night I was awoken to screams… I ran into my son’s room to find him visibly upset and shaken up, but he was very easy to calm down… not as easy to get him to go back to sleep though. So I sat in his room until he fell back asleep. I’ve read that the best way to prevent nightmares are to keep consistent night-time routine (which we have)… a warm bath, a calming story, and a quiet song – can help ward off nightmares. Try reading bedtime books that link sleep with cozy, happy situations. To help your child get a good night’s rest, keep his room at a comfortable temperature – not too hot and not too cold. The best temperature for restful sleep is on the slightly cool side at about 70 degrees F.
  3. Afraid of the Dark – This is definitely my son’s situation, he tells me all the time that he is afraid of the dark (and heights), things look very differently in the dark than it does in the light. I’m never strict on him about this because I was always the child that was afraid of the dark so he has it naturally. The easy way to resolve that problem is of course a night-light! but be careful too much light disrupts sleep. Find a night-light that’s bright enough to keep monsters at bay, but not the Sandman.
  4. Separation anxiety – Stress can also lead to nightmares. Bedtime itself can be a cause of stress, especially for a toddler who has separation anxiety. Being sick or being away from a parent for a stretch of time can also be stressful for toddlers, and often they will wake up and come to you. The best way I feel to deal with that situation is to reassure the child that you are just in the other room. I sometimes leave my son’s door open and I’ll say “Okay I’m just down the hall” that usually will make him feel 10 times better.

No matter what the issue is us as parent’s just have to remember that some nights will be difficult, how we deal with those nights are what really matter. How I’m dealing with tonight is putting hubby on Nighttime duty since he slept so well last night!! 😘


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