At Home Cold & Flu Remedies

Tis the season to be sick!!!

I’ve been looking into home flu remedies for my kid recently because let’s face it, being sick is miserable.  We’ve all been there; body aches, sore throats, congestion – yuck!  I’ve found a handful of ways to help get better faster that I will be keeping close by during flu season.

Here are some cold and flu remedies you can try at home to try to ease the pain and reduce the time you and your kids are sick.

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Am I An Animal Bully? 👶🏾🐺

Everybody pray for me! I am dealing with a miniature bully!


We got our first family dog “Sassy” for “little man’s” first birthday and now almost 2 years later they are the best of friends, but every once in a while I see my son hitting the poor dog… Ugh let me stop lying I see him hitting or pinching her EVERYDAY!!! We have done everything to stop it, here’s how our conversation with our son usually goes… Continue reading

Pumpkin Patch 2k15

Every year since “little man” was born we have started going to the pumpkin patch, and up until that point I had never even been to one, so this was definitely a yearly tradition my family and I started. Usually we went to one specific pumpkin patch in Virginia that was perfect, but now since we’ve move to Georgia we had to find another one. We ended up stumbling across a little farm in Carrollton GA that was the absolute cutest thing ever. Old Mcdermitt’s Farm had so much to offer.

For the first time ever my family and I got completely LOST in a 4 acre corn maze!! It was awesome until we really could not get out. Lucky a worker came along and rescued us. The whole time “little man” wanted to lead the way.

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Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt with Free Printable

Fall Nature Scavenger Hunt for kids. Use the free printable and take your kids on a scavenger hunt in the great outdoors!

Our fall nature scavenger hunt is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy the season with your kids.

This scavenger hunt is extra fun with a free printable that encourages exploration and can even be colored!  This activity works with a large range of ages, making it a great way for the whole family to spend an afternoon.  This scavenger hunt encourages children to observe nature and the changing seasons with a keen eye.  It is an opportunity to learn and discover interesting things about the natural world.  So, on the next wonderfully autumnal day, find a pretty spot whether that be a local park to your own backyard and see how many things you can find!

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4 Beauty Mistakes I See On The Daily

Hey I’m not a professional makeup artist or anything (I wish) but there are so many no no’s I see everyday from women everywhere, and I’m honestly pretty sure that I myself have fallen subjective to some of these bad trends, but you live and you learn. Today I am going to show you some of what I feel are the biggest beauty mistakes I see… Continue reading