“The Potty Wars”


All parents know how difficult potty training can be for both you and your child. There will be times where you want to give up and try again later and I agree with those methods, because if your child is not ready to use the potty then they won’t, no matter how much you try. I first attempted to start “little man” when he was 1 1/2 years old. I tried everything in my power… I brought Pull-Ups, I tried bribing him with special surprise’s even snacks, but at that age he was not focused enough to pay attention to the lesson I was trying to teach. So I decided give him more time and to try Potty training again later. Continue reading


Flashback Friday #2: 10 Things Your Mama Didnt Tell You About Motherhood!!! 02/27/2014

This past December I was sooo proud if myself for getting through my first year of being a mom. I felt like I deserved a freaking award or trophy, I mean I kept another human being alive without screwing it up. It was definitely more of a challenge than expected but I kept a strong mind. I remembered my mother telling me constantly, “Don’t stress, the first year is the hardest for a first time mother.” So I always took that into consideration but she never told me what about it was hard,  that was something I had to discover on my own and boy was it an eye opener!! So here I am passing on my little bit of knowledge to any new mom willing to listen. These are some things mama may not have told you about motherhood.

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Flashback Friday: Let’s Nourish Our Toddlers Not just Feed Them! 07/28/2014

As a first time mother I was absolutely clueless on what type of meals to feed my son once it was time for him to eat regular foods. Up to that point I was mainly breastfeeding him and giving him puree baby foods, then once I noticed he was interested in what I was eating I began switching it up. I didn’t have a clue what to feed him. Friends and family told me to give him fries, hot dogs, etc. and even though he seemed to enjoy those foods it wasn’t something I wanted to feed him everyday. I wanted to nourish my child not just feed him, so I changed up his whole meal plan to something I thought was better for him. Of course I did my research, and in the end I came out with an overall healthier, happier, more energized toddler.

 It definitely took time though, Baby Alex was in the mist of going through that annoying picky eater stage. Our dinner table had become a battleground, but I had to take control of the situation, and that’s exactly what I did. I stayed calm when he thought mealtime was playtime and threw his food all over the ground, because I knew if he was hungry he would eat. I continued to offer him the nutritious foods and I let him decide how much he was going to eat, and as time went by he began to eat more and healthier without the fight. The war was over and i was victorious!!! Dinnertime had become a peaceful place again.

 So I wanted to write this post to help other mothers who may be struggling with giving their child a healthier meal. I put together a list of foods that I give Alex and along with the food I will put how it helps your toddler… Now let’s get Started.

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Build Your Own Outdoor Rally Track…

I can’t wait to do this activity with my son. He is going to go crazy.

Small Potatoes

title1“Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.”  ~T.S. Eliot

Cars, cars, cars. It’s all about the cars these days. Drifting, shifting, crashing, skidding, jumping and…rallying. My son is 8 yrs old and fascinated by the world of rally cars. Ken Block is his favourite professional rally car driver and racing his little Hot Wheels is his favourite pastime.

While I was digging up the dog damaged urine burns in the grass this Spring, the idea came to me to build a miniature rally where I had removed the old grass. Why not turn a negative into a positive? And so, while my son was at school, I got to work! The project turned out to be very simple and inexpensive, and so VERY appreciated!

Here’s what I used to build the rally race track…
1.  One coil of garden bed edging from the…

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