Mommy’s May Obsessions

mommy may obsession

1. Learner Mosaic App – A Free parenting app that offers personalized tips to future your preschooler in smart, playful ways. This app provides personalized insights into your child’s learning across more than 75 early learning skills, which extend beyond the basic 123s and ABCs to cover other crucial areas, including social-emotional development, execute functions, critical thinking, and character skills, among others. This app is also connected to another app specifically for your child called “Leo’s Pad.” This helps you keep up with all your child’s progressions as they play this interactive game.

IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0157IMG_0158_2

2. Key Ring App –  Omg I’m obsessed!!! This app is perfect for any busy mom or any busy person in general. You ever go shopping and the cashier asks you if you have a “rewards card” so now you’re searching through your purse struggling just to find it, well this may be the answer to your prayers. This app scans the bar code from your card and saves it, so now when you need your rewards card you just go to the app and show the cashier your phone and just receive all your discounted goodies!! This app also features a Sales Page where you can see all the sale flyers from your area. Lastly it features a List page where you can make shopping list for groceries, clothes, anything you plan on going out to buy soon, It has a little checklist and it scratches off your items as you select them. I literally open this app everyday, I’ve been saving so much $$$.

IMG_0161_2 IMG_0160_2 IMG_0159_2

3. Erin Condren Life Planner – All i know is that this is sold out everywhere! I wish i would have got it when it was on sale but i did not know how perfect this planner is. My Sister has one and I’m obsessed. They are supposed to be launching the new 2015-2016 planner on June 9th and all i have to say is that I’m in there like swim wear! Also if you don’t want to pay the Erin Condren price another good planner is ” The 2015 Mom on the go Planner” << Click there to check it out.

4. The Power Playbook – The Power Playbook is the empowering guide to forging professional success, establishing financial independence, and finding balance for a truly satisfying life. This here is a good Read.

5. The June 2015 cover of Elle Magazine Australia featuring Supermodel Nicole Trunfio breastfeeding her son Zion – This photo really shows the beauty of breastfeeding, I was so surprised when I saw this cover. This is the first breastfeeding cover EVER from Elle and I think it makes a statement. Now even though they won’t be putting this cover on the stands (subscribers only) I feel it is moving us one step closer to #normalizebreastfeeding.




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