Learning our History & Having Fun 

Yesterday was one busy day. After having a long talk about African American history with my hubby we decided to take a trip with “little man” to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Site, and all I can say is wow what a wonderful experience.

Here I have gathered up pictures my husband and I took and why they are significant to us…

IMG_0133Back During the 1930s most of the dolls in the store were white, while the African American dolls  such as this one above “Beloved Belindy” was “The Maid.” This sent a strong message to the African American girls that that they were undesirable. I’m so glad we all have overcame these stereotypes. I believe its important for young children to play with all races of dolls because I believe it sends a positive message to all girls to look past skin color.

IMG_0132 This picture describes how when Martin Luther King was 6 he lost two of his best friends. Everyday they would play together peacefully and happily until one day they couldn’t play anymore. When Martin asked why the reply was “Because we are white and you are colored.” Wow I could not imagine not being able to play with someone you are so close with because of skin color. I know and understand that this was so long ago and I am just so thankful that Dr. King paved the way to change these things.


This is the house that Dr. King was born inside. I really can’t explain but the feeling of being on that porch was so surreal.

IMG_0151_2 These are some of the signs from the peaceful protest that were held up during the Marches.

IMG_0127 This picture describes how once Dr. King moved to Montgomery he received a threatening phone call. Worried and scared for his family, he went into the kitchen to have a cup of coffee. He was ready to give up, trying to think of a way to move out of the picture without seeming like a coward. With his head in his hands he bowed over that kitchen table and prayed aloud. It was at that moment that he felt a divine presence more than he had ever experienced in his life. His uncertainty disappeared , he was ready to face anything at that moment. His outer situation remained the same but God had given him a inner calm…

Three nights later, his home was bombed.


This is the wagon used as a caisson for Dr.King funeral procession on April 9, 1968. They wagon symbolized Dr. Kings work among the poor.

IMG_0122IMG_0121 The tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and His wife Coretta Scott King, which was surrounded by a beautiful reflection  pool.



The Eternal Flame. “The Eternal Flame symbolizes the continuing effort to realize Dr. Kings ideals for the beloved community, which requires lasting personal commitment that cannot weaken when faced with obstacles.” Thank You Dr. King

IMG_0154 By this time “little man” was ready to go plus it had started raining

IMG_0128 We retreated back to the house before heading out again so “little man” could go fishing with daddy and his grandfather.


Don’t mind his clothes, Daddy said he had an accident and this was all I Had in the trunk of my car lol (even though Ipacked extra clothes in his backpack smh) but it worked out because it he ended up getting in the water and just getting nice and dirty. All that mattered was that he enjoyed himself fishing, feeding ducks and playing in the water trying to grab the little tadpoles.

Once he got back home and had his bath I had a nice story time lined up for him. IMG_0134





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