Just Call Me Supermom


Well here I am today broken toe and all… A distal fracture to be exact. The doctor told me to make sure I get plenty of rest and keep my foot elevated. the whole time I’m thinking in my head…

“Yea right!, I have a 2-year-old toddler at home, and a 1-year-old hyper puppy to add along with that, I’m not getting any rest”… but hubby bear reassured me that he would take care of everything around the house today… LIES!!!

I was so relieved.. That is until we got home and I saw my baby was sick!!! His nose running uncontrollably, his constant coughing and sneezing, and his eyes just looked so weak… after that my mommy instincts went into overdrive and i didn’t even seem to care what that doctor was talking about earlier, all i wanted to do was make sure my baby was okay… luckily since he was sick i didn’t have to deal with the big ball of energy I’m use to dealing with, he was just fine laying with me on the bed cuddling and watching “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse”… everything was actually working out smoothly. That is until it was time for hubby bear to head to class. It seemed like once he left “little mans” ball of energy kicked in….


Now he’s jumping on the bed, trying to play doctor with my toe, needing tissues for his nasty nose, asking to go to the potty, asking for food, basically asking me to do any and everything that involved getting up from my “comfort spot”, but although it was a bit difficult getting around the house i made a way because IM MOMMY and i have no choice..l  limped and hopped all day on that foot and probably only got a total of one hour worth of rest. Hubby bear didn’t even get from class until late today since he was taking his finals, so i had no choice but to be in SUPERMOM mode.

Today i realized that at the end of the day, just because mommy is sick or hurt does not mean she gets a break. Being a mother is a full time job but at the end of the day i would not trade this crazy life or this crazy kid for the world.


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