I’m back and I’m blessed


Hey everyone and welcome to my new and improved blog. I plan on trying to go in a different direction this time around, so instead of stories about “little man” constantly, I will now be trying to incorporate more things that actually makes us moms FABULOUS… I’m just so excited for you all to see what I have in store.

But on another note:

Omg I have been so busy these last few months – it’s crazy, me and my hubby bear finally are homeowners after a long exhausting journey. We picked up and left VA, a place I lived my whole life and moved to the ATL. Things are totally different here than our old home but in a good way… There is so much more to do. So far I’m totally loving it.

Other than House stuff hubby bear and I have just been focusing on school. My husband just medically retired from the military and is continuing his education in the aviation field and as for me I’m an aspiring Dental Hygienist and lately I’ve been thinking about becoming a Dentist..doesn’t that have a nice ring to it “Dr. Breanna Hamilton” lol I guess we will see.

As of right now I’m still a SAHM working daily with my son, trying to teach him new things constantly. He is finally at the age were he is absorbing everything like a sponge so I’m going to take full advantage of it… As soon as I get out this cast!!!


Earlier today I actually broke my toe chasing behind “little man” and I bet he got a nice little chuckle seeing me hurt myself while trying to talk smack to him lol but no he honestly seems more concerned than amused once he saw I was actually hurt lol… When I got home from the ER he had his little stethoscope around his neck trying to give me a checkup reminding me to make sure I took all my medicine lol (so cute).

I really just wanted to take this time and thank God for all the blessings he has showered upon my family and I. Everyday isn’t easy but we know we are blessed and we ask no questions… We’ll I’m going to go rest my foot a little bit before I go to the orthopedic doctor tomorrow… Everyone Be blessed.



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