Mommy’s May Obsessions

mommy may obsession

1. Learner Mosaic App – A Free parenting app that offers personalized tips to future your preschooler in smart, playful ways. This app provides personalized insights into your child’s learning across more than 75 early learning skills, which extend beyond the basic 123s and ABCs to cover other crucial areas, including social-emotional development, execute functions, critical thinking, and character skills, among others. This app is also connected to another app specifically for your child called “Leo’s Pad.” This helps you keep up with all your child’s progressions as they play this interactive game. Continue reading


Learning our History & Having Fun 

Yesterday was one busy day. After having a long talk about African American history with my hubby we decided to take a trip with “little man” to the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Site, and all I can say is wow what a wonderful experience.

Here I have gathered up pictures my husband and I took and why they are significant to us…

IMG_0133Back During the 1930s most of the dolls in the store were white, while the African American dolls  such as this one above “Beloved Belindy” was “The Maid.” This sent a strong message to the African American girls that that they were undesirable. I’m so glad we all have overcame these stereotypes. I believe its important for young children to play with all races of dolls because I believe it sends a positive message to all girls to look past skin color. Continue reading

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!! Thank you to all the men and women who gave there lives to make sure we are safe everyday. I would also love to give a shoutout to my Husband, My Father, My Grandfather (R.I.P.), and all of my Uncles for serving our country.. Although My husband is now medically retired i still thank him for his service and will always pay homage to our fellow soldiers who continue to work hard daily..

IMG_0060_2 Love You Babe!!! Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Dr. Seuss ” 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” Activity!! 03/03/2014

Yesterday we were super busy!!! But we still made time to do our little Dr. Seuss activity in honor of his birthday. We decided to do our activity on the book “1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” one of Baby Alex Favorite Books. The plan was to just do a simple sensory activity something messy, fun, and edible (since“little Man” tries to eat everything), the first thing that popped into my mind was Jello.

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Just Call Me Supermom


Well here I am today broken toe and all… A distal fracture to be exact. The doctor told me to make sure I get plenty of rest and keep my foot elevated. the whole time I’m thinking in my head…

“Yea right!, I have a 2-year-old toddler at home, and a 1-year-old hyper puppy to add along with that, I’m not getting any rest”… but hubby bear reassured me that he would take care of everything around the house today… LIES!!! Continue reading